Siam Organic Strengthens Capacity of Jasberry Farmer Cooperatives

The Siam Organic team met with staff from one of our Jasberry cooperatives earlier this week to discuss activities for the current season. Our Field Coordinator, Nhon, trained a batch of new field officers during the meeting, outlining activities for the upcoming year.

Our field officers interact directly with our farmers on a day to day basis, giving them training on growing techniques, while also collecting data for organic certification and social impact measurement. Additionally, we are in the early stages of implementing an IT system that will give us real-time information on key farming and livelihood data. Field officers collect this data by surveying all of our Jasberry farmers each year, and the data helps us make more informed decisions to support our farmers as we scale. With this new IT system, our field officers will be able to transition from the current paper-and-pencil method of surveying farmers to a much faster and more accurate method using digital tablets in the field. Exciting times ahead!

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