5 Colors Everyday for a Better Health!

We use only the finest natural, ethically wildcrafted, locally grown, and fair-trade herbs
in all of our hand-mixed healthy herbal blends. We choose to use only natural sources
because they have many benefits. With no added preservatives, natural produce is fresher,
healthier, and more sustainable for the environment. We harvest from several local farms
and source only from high-quality small farms so that
you can have an amazing tea experience.

Eternal Health

Essential Antioxidants for a Complete Health

   Boosts Immune System

   Anti-aging Benefits

Ingredient : Roasted Organic Jasberry Rice, Green Tea, Butterfly Pea, Pandanus

Strength & Love

Improve Blood Circulation for a Healthy Heart

   Increases Metabolism and Blood Circulation

  Reduces Cholesterol and Prevents Heart Disease

Ingredient : Black Tea, Ginger Root, Safflower

Beautiful Harmony

Relax you for a Good Night’s Sleep

   Reduces Stress

   Improves Skin Conditioning

   Caffeine Free

Ingredient : Chamomile, Orange Peel, Orange Extract

Refreshing Happiness

Stimulate your Mind

  Freshens Your Senses

  Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory Properties

Ingredient : Mint Leaves, Natural Chocolate Flavor

Magical Prosperity

Boost Immune System with an Immortality Herb

   Reduces Cholesterol

    Improves Memory and Heart Function

   Caffeine Free

Ingredient : Jiaogulan, Liquorice, Star Anise