Social Impact

Generating positive social impact for farmers and their communities is one of our most important missions at Jasberry. In order to mobilize more resources and increase capacity to assist the farmers we work with, we established the non-profit Siam Organic Foundation in June 2018. This foundation will allow us to work with a greater number of partners to fund projects that directly improve the quality of life of Thai rice farmers. A new Siam Organic Foundation website is under construction, and please watch this space for updates!

To truly know the extent of the social impact we have created, in July 2015, we enlisted Shujog, a leading Social Impact Assessment company based in Singapore, to assess Siam Organic’s social impact. With their own independent team of social impact assessors, Shujog spent six months of due diligence before releasing their summary on the company. Based on Shujog’s assessment, the 1,026 farmers we worked with in 2015 earned 14 times higher profit compared to conventional rice farmers in Thailand, resulting in an incremental economic benefit of US$ 1.72mn for the farmers. Additionally, Siam Organic has an SROI of 4.3, meaning that for every $1 investment in the company, the social return generated for the farmers is $4.30.

Our farmers also keep 25% of their harvest for household consumption, so we know their families are eating healthy.