Our Co-founder & CEO

I met my co-founder, Palmmy. We thought new entrepreneurship was needed to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Using business as a tool to solve social dilemmas in a sustainable and scalable manner was appealing to us.

Our Co-founder & Business Development

Meeting Neil towards the end of my MBA in 2011 was a life-changing opportunity because we were searching for a business that could create real impact in a sustainable manner, and that was the beginning of this whole journey.

Our Field Coordinator & CHO

I think that everyone in the world, not only the small-scale farmers we work with, should have equal access to opportunity, at least for their basic needs.

Our Operations Manager

I am passionate about helping others and improving myself. Once I joined the Jasberry team, my work life is more meaningful, and I am always proud and happy to be here.

Our Product Development Manager

I believe that when it comes to food, innovation and development are limitless. We are surrounded by amazing new food inventions every day!

Our Quality Assurance Officer

After being a part of the Jasberry team, I’m very happy and proud of myself because Jasberry is not just helping the farmers but also making people’s lives better.

Our Assistant to Co-founder

My first impression about Jasberry is “everyone can create a better society as a consumer, starting with choosing a product or service themselves to make sure that the money we spend is helpful somewhere.”

Our Administrative Officer

Since I have worked at Jasberry, I am expanding my point of view about how we work with small-scale farmers, and how we help them to live a better life.

Interested in joining our team?
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