Jasberry Values

Jasberry Mission

1)   Improve farmers’ livelihood in a sustainable manner

2)   Bring innovative healthy and delicious organic products to consumers globally

5 Core Jasberry Values

Leadership through innovation

We have the ambition and courage to improve the world around us. Creating positive change requires us to be innovative in everything we do – from the way we work with farmers to each new product we produce. We encourage everybody to take initiative in their work and constantly make progress. At the same time, we’re always resourceful — striving to do more with less.

Live the life you love

From our farmers to our headquarters staff, we all believe that you should “live the life you love and love the life you live.” Passion is the driver that ensures we enjoy and excel at everything we do.

Honesty and openness

As a social enterprise, all of our stakeholders must benefit from the way we do business – from the farmers who grow our rice all the way to our customers who purchase our products. Complete transparency is required at every step along the way. We ensure that whenever we make a decision, every one of our stakeholders wins.

Growth through learning

We believe in continuous growth and learning, both as individuals and as an organization. Every day and every new challenge is an opportunity for us to learn more and get better at what we do. We remain humble and understand that failures are a critical part of learning.

Every grain matters

We’re dealing with big issues, but believe in steady progress to reach our goals. Through attention to detail, constantly measuring our progress, and long-term commitment to our goals, we can tackle the world’s most challenging problems. We’re a results oriented organization, and we hold ourselves accountable to generating the maximum social impact possible for the farmers we serve.