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Meet Neil, our Co-founder & CEO

Hello 🙂 my name is Neil and I’m a co-founder/CEO of this sustainable social enterprise from Thailand. The idea of Siam Organic was conceptualized when I was an MBA student at Sasin, which is where I met my co-founder, Palmmy. We thought a new type of entrepreneurship was needed to solve the world’s most pressing problems, and using business as a tool to solve social problems in a sustainable and scalable manner was something that appealed to us. Although I was born in Thailand, I moved to Australia when I was 14 years old and grew up in a small farm in Cootamundra. I have always been connected to nature and as a result pursued a degree in Environmental Engineering at University of Melbourne. Having worked in various sectors from environmental engineering to investment banking, I have tried to be innovative in the way we go about solving the problem of farmers’ poverty. In my spare time I enjoy all forms of exercises and dancing, particularly salsa and bachata!

Meet Palmmy, our Co-founder & CMO

Hi I’m Palmmy, a co-founder of Siam Organic. I’ve always been passionate about health and food, and this led to our core principle when I helped start Siam Organic — we only bring the healthiest and the most delicious products to our consumers.Before Siam Organic, I used to work in the finance and business consulting industry, but I couldn’t find any purpose in my daily career. Meeting Neil towards the end of my MBA in 2011 was a life-changing opportunity because we were searching for a business that could create real impact in a sustainable manner, and that was the beginning of this whole journey. I believe in learning new things every day, and developing new skills that I can use to make a difference in the world. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance (International Program) from Thammasat University, Thailand and an MBA from Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration from Chulalongkorn University. With my passion in the health business, my siblings and I have also created a sports complex in our local Bangkok neighborhood to promote healthy and active lifestyles. Did I mention that all of our employees at Siam Organic get free gym memberships at the sports complex too? I also love exploring nature in many ways, including scuba diving, rock climbing and photography.

Meet Nhon, our Field Coordinator

Hello, my name is Nhon! I earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Thammasat University, Thailand. I want to make a real difference and apply my knowledge and skills at work. Siam Organic’s vision and values are really interesting and challenge me to do something difficult, so I’m happy to be a part of the Siam Organic team. During my work here, I widen my knowledge and perspectives in the field. I have great experiences working with the farmers and dealing with many people. For my work in the future, I hope to be at the forefront of driving changes and transforming people’s lives. I want every day of my work to be meaningful and never ordinary!

Meet Mai, our Operations Manager

Hi I’m Mai! I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from Kasetsart University. I love nature and the experience of living with nature. The first time I heard about Siam Organic & Jasberry rice, I saw the activities and everything they did for the farmers then I realized that I wanted to join their company because I am passionate about helping others and improving myself. Once I joined the Siam Organic team, my work life is more meaningful and I am always proud and happy to be here. Everything we do is to create a better life for the farmers. Moreover, we don’t forget to control the quality of products for our lovely customers. I want everyone to be happy and healthy when trying our organic products. Let’s get healthy together!

Interested in joining our team?
Please contact us at info@jasberry.net. Let us know how you think you could contribute and also attach your CV.

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