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What is Jasberry® rice?2020-08-14T09:56:29+07:00

Jasberry® rice is a special variety of rice that has been developed through natural cross-breeding for over a decade. Dark purple in color, it is organic and non-GMO. Jasberry rice is considered the world’s healthiest rice and a new superfood because of its uniquely high level of antioxidants. What’s more, Jasberry rice is soft, aromatic and absolutely delicious. Jasberry rice is more versatile and affordable compared to the other superfoods in the market.

How is it different from other rice?2020-08-14T09:56:17+07:00

Quite simply, Jasberry rice is delicious and healthy at the same time! You no longer have to sacrifice taste in pursuit of health. By replacing conventional rice with Jasberry rice, your health can benefit from the high nutritional value on a daily basis. More importantly Jasberry rice is easy to cook and pair with any dishes which allow you to enjoy your food much more. On top of being soft and aromatic, Jasberry rice also has 40 times more antioxidants than brown rice, 133 times more antioxidants than white rice and 6 times more antioxidants than black rice (also known as Forbidden rice).

How can rice be a Superfood?2021-12-16T10:55:36+07:00

Jasberry rice’s special trait is its extremely high antioxidant content, which has been tested by a globally renowned nutrition lab and found to contain amazing levels of antioxidants such as Anthocyanin, Vitamin E and beta-Carotene. Its outstanding antioxidant value puts Jasberry rice in the Superfood category. To put this into perspective, Jasberry rice has 7 times higher antioxidants than kale, 4 times higher antioxidants than quinoa and 3 higher antioxidants than blueberry!”

Why is it called Jasberry?2021-12-16T10:58:10+07:00

The name Jasberry reflects the properties of this special rice. ‘Jas’ refers to the delicious taste of Thai Jasmine rice, and ‘Berry’ reflects the powerful antioxidant benefits, similar to the antioxidant content of blueberries, but Jasberry rice even beats blueberries by 3 times!

Are you certified organic?2020-08-14T09:52:55+07:00

Yes, Jasberry products are USDA and EU certified organic.

Do you mix something in the rice?2020-08-14T09:54:15+07:00

No. Jasberry rice is 100% natural & organic. It is raw and unprocessed. Our Jasberry rice mix is an equal blend of Organic Jasberry rice and Organic Brown Jasmine rice.

Where does the purple color in Jasberry rice come from?2020-08-14T09:54:47+07:00

The purple color is 100% natural and comes from the powerful antioxidant called Anthocyanin. Anthocyanin also gives blueberries and other naturally purple food their distinctive color.

What is ORAC?2021-12-16T11:23:26+07:00

ORAC is a method of measuring antioxidant capacity. Using ORAC, we can express the antioxidant content of any type of food. Jasberry Rice has an ORAC value of 13,370 µmol TE per 100g. To put this into perspective, Jasberry rice has 40 times more antioxidants than brown rice, 7 times more antioxidants than kale and 4 times more antioxidants than quinoa.

How much antioxidants do I need?2020-08-14T09:55:10+07:00

Antioxidants are substances that protect your body from harmful free radicals which may play a part in diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Just eating one serving of Jasberry rice per day, you will meet the US Department of Agriculture’s recommended daily intake* for antioxidants!

*The USDA recommends consuming 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC units per day. One serving of Jasberry rice gives you 6,685 ORAC.

How do I cook Jasberry rice?2020-05-25T05:38:53+07:00
Do I need to soak or rinse Jasberry rice before cooking?2020-08-14T09:54:00+07:00

Jasberry rice does not need to be soaked before cooking. Also, the antioxidants are water soluble, so make sure you don’t rinse your Jasberry rice to avoid those healthy purple antioxidants running off!

What can I cook with Jasberry rice?2020-08-14T09:53:37+07:00

Jasberry rice is absolutely delicious and extremely easy to cook. It goes well with any dish – just replace any other rice with Jasberry rice and get all those antioxidants in your daily diet! Jasberry rice even retains its soft texture when cold. You can check out our recipes here or get inspired on our Instagram.


How should I store Jasberry rice?2020-08-14T09:53:23+07:00

Jasberry rice should be stored in a cool and dry place. Once opened, Jasberry rice is best to consume within one month or should be kept in the fridge.

Which of the two lovely colors – Purple or Orange – is for me?2020-08-14T09:53:09+07:00

Purple (Jasberry rice) offers powerful natural antioxidants and is always our favorite. Orange (Jasberry rice mix) is a healthy blend of your favorite Organic Jasberry rice and Organic Brown Jasmine Rice.

However, several Jasberry rice consumers have found that by trying both of them, they developed a certain taste preference for one more than the other and end up consuming that color regularly. You can incorporate Jasberry rice as an integral part of your every day healthy diet as it is a delicious substitute for any brown or white rice-based dishes.

Where is Jasberry rice grown?2020-08-14T09:52:35+07:00

Jasberry rice is only grown by small-scale farmers in the northeastern part of Thailand, which is the poorest region in Thailand. Today, we are supporting over 2,500 organic rice farmers by providing them training and assistance starting from planting the seeds all the way to packaging our products to exporting internationally.

How do we help the Jasberry rice farmers?2021-12-16T14:42:11+07:00

Almost one out of every four Thai people is a rice farmer, an astounding 17 million rice farmers in a country of 70 million people. Despite Thailand being the world’s number one rice exporter, Thai rice farmers are among the poorest in the world, earning a net income of less than $0.40/day during the harvest season, 6 times below the poverty line. Rice is a staple that Thai people eat at almost every meal, and it is unacceptable that the farmers who work so hard to feed an entire nation receive very little in return. The government and NGOs have tried many projects to help Thai rice farmers increase profitability, but they have all failed to generate sustainable social impact because they do not take market-driven approaches.

To reduce poverty among rice farmers, we currently work with over 2,500 small-scale farmers to produce Jasberry rice. The farmers we target live in the drought prone and impoverished northeastern region of Thailand. They often only have secondary education, and farming is their sole source of income. Average landholdings are very small at less than 0.8 hectares per farmer. Our average farmer is a 55 year old woman, typically married with 3 children. Due to low profits associated with farming rice, many young adults leave rural areas to find waged labor in cities. This migration erodes rural communities, and families struggle to earn enough to educate their children.

By optimizing organic farm management, training and growing this innovative rice breed, our Jasberry rice farmers earn 11 times more income than the average Thai rice farmer. We are the only certified B-Corp food company in Thailand. Certified B Corporations voluntarily meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

If you want to know more about our social impact please see our Annual Report

Thank you for your support in transforming these farmers’ lives, one grain at a time.

How do you determine the price point of Jasberry rice?2020-08-14T09:52:05+07:00

Even though we always try our best to keep the prices as low as possible for our consumers, as a certified social enterprise we are committed to our mission of helping small-scale farmers out of poverty in a sustainable manner. We are USDA and EU organic certified and contribute to a sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Moreover, we are the only B Corp-certified food company in Thailand which further validates our commitment to social and environmental impact, transparency and accountability.

It is important to remember that Jasberry rice is a ‘Superfood’ due to its exceptional nutritional value and Jasberry rice is in fact the most affordable superfood in the market especially when incorporating into your every day meals.

Are Jasberry products gluten-free?2020-08-14T09:50:33+07:00

Yes, all Jasberry products are gluten-free.

Are Jasberry products vegan?2020-08-14T09:51:10+07:00

Yes, all Jasberry products are vegan.

What about the gluten-free superfood pasta and the other Jasberry products?2021-12-16T16:41:48+07:00

Our gluten-free superfood pasta

Our gluten-free superfood pasta combines all your favorite superfoods while maintaining the delicious taste and texture of an authentic Italian pasta. Our pasta is 100% organic & vegan with added coconut fiber for maximum health benefits.

You can also use our yummy gluten-free Jasberry rice flour for all your favorite baking recipes, turning them into healthier options. What’s more, Jasberry rice flour will give your bread, pancakes or cookies a unique purple color!

More questions? Email us at info@jasberry.net

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