The ambitious goals we have to alleviate farmers’ poverty can only be achieved through teamwork. As we continue to move forward on our journey, please reach out to us if you think you can help.

Jasberry is growing quickly and could use help in a wide variety of areas, from how we run our back office to how we work with our farmers. We are open to working with domestic and international organizations, from impact-focused grant partners to international organic food distributors. The possibilities are endless as long as we share the common vision of transforming farmers’ lives! Please find below the details of our current partnerships.

Furthermore, we have also set up Siam Organic Foundation to enable us to mobilize more resources behind our mission to alleviate farmers’ poverty. The Siam Organic Foundation is a non-profit foundation, making it eligible to receive grants from a larger number of domestic and international donor organizations. The foundation is also able to receive donations from individual givers who want to support Thai rice farmers in a sustainable and scalable manner.

If you feel like you or your organization could help us in generating even greater social impact for our farmers, please contact us at

Expo Live

We were extremely humbled to be selected as 1 of 70 organizations out of 2,300 applications from 136 countries to enter into a grant partnership with the Expo Live Innovation Impact Grant Programme, which selects innovative solutions that benefit communities or the environment as a lead up to Expo 2020 in Dubai.

The Expo Live grant has allowed us to fund a variety of projects that benefit our farmers. One of the most exciting projects is the development of an IT-system. This application-based system is accessible from any computer or mobile device, and will be used by our cooperative field staff when interviewing farmers in the field. It will replace and improve our current paper-based systems, and will provide accurate real-time data that can be used by both cooperative leadership and Jasberry for organic certification audits, production planning and social impact monitoring.

Overall, the Expo Live grant is providing tremendous support to Jasberry, enabling us to assist our farmers in many useful ways. As an Expo Live grant recipient, we also look forward to sharing our story with the world during Expo 2020 in Dubai.


Kiva is a non-profit organization with the mission to alleviate poverty, which it accomplishes by enabling people to lend money via the Internet to low-income entrepreneurs and students in over 80 countries. The loan is paid back by the borr ower over time.

In 2018, our Kiva partnership allowed us to extend a total of $30,400 in credit to 19 farmers for a trial run of a new cow purchasing project. Cattles are an integral part of traditional organic rice farming in Thailand because they eat weeds in rice fields and also produce manure that can be converted into organic fertilizer. Raising cattle also allows farmers to earn an average of $300 a year if they choose to sell a cow. This helps diversify farm income while reducing risks associated with rice harvests damaged or lost due to drought, floods or disease. Through this pilot program, Jasberry farmers purchased 46 cows using Kiva loans, and are on track to fully repay their lenders over the 18-month terms of their loans. We also provided training to the farmers on best practices for raising cattle to make sure they would take good care of the cows after they purchased them. Due to the success of this trial, we expect to expand the cow project to even more farmers in 2019.

Cross Fields

Cross Fields is a Japanese NGO with the mission to develop leaders who make a difference in their organizations while also creating social value. To accomplish this, Cross Fields links skilled volunteers from Japanese corporations with NGOs and social enterprises in Asia.

Jasberry was fortunate to host two excellent Cross Fields volunteers in 2018. The volunteers assisted with improving our internal finance and accounting systems, as well as with helping us develop innovative new products. As a social enterprise with a small staff and very ambitious goals, we were lucky to receive such useful support and look forward to continuing to work with Cross Fields in the future.